Spaghetti alla Lentils

For a few years, I’ve been making a lentil dish that is designed to mirror Sloppy Joe’s, and is called Sloppy Joe Lentils. I cannot take credit for the original recipe, but I cannot remember and can find no clue as to where I first saw this recipe. If you look the name up, you will find numerous recipes for such a dish, but none are the actual recipe that I’ve been using and that I have modified a bit over the years.

Be that as it may, I prepared Sloppy Joe Lentils a few days ago, and served it as usual, as with traditional Sloppy Joe’s, over buns. But then a couple of days later, I felt like some of the leftovers, but there was nary a bun, or even a fresh piece of bread, in the house. But I did have Spaghetti alla Lentilssome left over spaghetti noodles, and I figured, why not? So I heated them both up, and mixed the lentil dish into the noodles, and just as it was it was great! So I figured, why not make a similar lentil dish, but intended to be a spaghetti sauce? So, I took the recipe I’d been using, added a little, subtracted a little, and made Spaghetti alla Lentils, and it was one of the best dishes I’ve made since becoming a vegan.

I cannot say that no one else has ever thought of this, but I think my “new” recipe is pretty good, so here it is: Continue reading

New, Large-Scale Study Links Dairy to Parkinson’s Disease

Numerous studies* going back several years have found an association between dairy consumption and a higher incidence of Parkinson’s disease. Now “Intake of dairy foods and risk of Parkinson disease”, a new study published this week in Neurology, the Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, has gone further, concluding that there is, in fact, a greater risk of developing Parkinson’s in individuals who consume three or more servings of some dairy products per day over those individuals who consume less than a single serving per day.

The large-scale study, conducted through the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health and published June 7, 2017 found specifically

  1. Consuming at least three servings of low-fat dairy a day is associated with a greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease compared to consuming less than one serving a day, and
  2. Drinking more than one serving of low-fat or skim milk per day is associated with a greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease compared to drinking less than one serving per week

The study, as described by researcher Katherine C. Hughes, ScD, of the Harvard Chan School of

GUNAS Vegan Handbags

Public Health, was the largest analysis yet done investigating the relationship of dairy and Parkinson’s and included 80,736 women and 48,610 men, and analyzed data compiled over a 25 year period. Continue reading

Fathers’ Day Ideas with the California Wine Club

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You know what is unquestionably Vegan and that is appreciated as a gift for almost any holiday throughout the year? The answer is, of course, WINE! Whether you’re a red wine aficionado, whether you love the white, or whether you appreciate any quality wine and love to try new wines, sampling the selections from excellent vineyards, especially those unknown bottles that pleasantly surprise.

But where to find great wine selections, with little risk of being saddled with wines that you would not wish on your meat-eating acquaintances? The answer is quite simple.

For almost three decades, the California Wine Club has been helping artisan vintners share their small-batch wines with wine lovers who otherwise would not know of them. These wines are produced in limited amounts and for the most part are available no where else but at the artisan winery itself. But the California Wine Club has through their Premier Wine Series brought the availability of such wines to wine lovers across the country, featuring a different winery each month. This wine adventure provided by the California Wine Club’s Premier Series is unique as it provides two award-winning wines each month, shipped direct to members, along with details and tasting notes on the wines, wine tips and insight to California’s wine scene.

The California Wine Club’s Premier Series Club offers your choice of one Red and one White, two bottles of the Red selection or two bottles of the While selection, delivered every month, every other month, or once per quarter.

Membership also includes a Personal Wine Consultant and savings of up to 50% off normal retail prices on reorders, and there are no hidden fees and members mat cancel at any time.

Give the gift of the California Wine Club’s Premier Wine Series for that special man celebrating Fathers’ Day 2017 Continue reading

Pure, Delicious Hint Water, Vegan and No Chemicals

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About Hint Water

Pure, delicious water, with that Hint of flavor, unquestionably Vegan, and absolutely ZERO sugar, diet sweeteners, preservatives, calories, and 0 GMO – this is pure, natural Hint Water, containing nothing but natural fruit oils and essences. Naturally calorie free and with no additives, Hint is water with JUST that Hint of natural flavor.

Active, healthy people know the importance of keeping hydrated, and there is no better, healthier drink than water. But waters adulterated with chemicals, sugar products or other things that make them sweet, that give them flavor, that add calories, that preserve them for decades, and maybe make them not Vegan, accomplishes little more than one thing – any and all of that make the water unhealthy.

Hint Peach Water

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Support your metabolism, help prevent headaches, improve your energy, keep hydrated, help out your digestion, help the natural flushing of toxins from your body, prevent muscle cramps, support your immune system, and keep feeling well, by drinking pure, natural water, and for that pure natural water, chemical free, with great taste in a wide variety of flavors, it’s Hint Water all the way.

Hint Waters are also gluten-free and Kosher.

Do you want to stop drinking sugary or artificially sweetened soda? Do you just not like what you perceive as the bland taste of plain water? Do you have a health issue, whether it’s diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, or even a pregnancy, that make it unsafe to consume any of those nasty chemicals or calories? Well, you can enjoy the pure, delicious taste you want and need, in a safe and healthy way, with Hint Water. Continue reading

Carnivores or Herbivores – Do Humans Need Meat?

Any vegan or vegetarian, or meat-eater seeking information can find what seems to be scientific-based and scholarly authority for either side of the argument as to whether humans are or are not natural carnivores and thus require the consumption of meat in order to attain and maintain good health. While the traditional view, espoused by generations of meat-consuming scientists, anthropologists and meat-industry purveyors, is that meat provides essentials to human health and that this is supported by the inescapable existence of numerous anatomical traits, this belief is susceptible to many valid arguments that mitigate against its validity.

Those espousing the natural carnivore argument cite both anatomical arguments and those based on evolution, as well as the chemical needs of the human body. The best evidence for a meat-based diet, they argue, includes such allegations as the presence of human teeth that include incisors and canines designed for biting and tearing and ripping flesh, and molars designed for chewing. They even argue that animals with this type of diversity in their mouths are “built” to be omnivores. They also allege that our closest relatives, along side whom we developed from common ancestors, are the chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are, of course, carnivores,

and thus, the argument goes, so must be humans. Physiologically speaking however, chimps are stronger and faster, have larger incisors, and overall are significantly better predators than are humans, but the analogy is still commonly made. And don’t forget that while your average chimp loves a good steak, their primary diet is, in truth, composed more of vegetables, Continue reading

The Oozy, Greasy Grilled American Cheese Sandwich, Vegan Style

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Before becoming Vegan, I was never a really big cheese fan. I loved nice melty mozzarella, like on a pizza or in parmesan dishes, and parmesan topped onto dishes like stuffed bell peppers. I liked cottage cheese, and lasagna with these other cheeses and ricotta, but not too much else. Follow Your Heart American Cheese Style Cheese AlternativeAny stronger cheese, like jack, cheddar, feta, goat, blue etc., literally made me sick. But, what I liked most of all, was plain, bland to most, basically processed, American cheese, and I loved nothing more than a greasy, oozy, crisp on top and soft in the middle, Grilled American Cheese sandwich.

Vegan cheeses have been problematic for me. For my first few years, most I found possessing all of the bad elements of “real” cheese, and none of the good. But lately, Vegan cheeses have gotten much better, and there is a place near home that has really good Vegan “mozzarella” on their pizza, and Gardein has an excellent pepperoni pizza pocket with their version of mozzarella as well.

But, the very best I’ve found so far, is Follow Your Heart American Cheese Style Cheese Alternative, which looks and tastes EXACTLY like American cheese slices. Continue reading

South, a Latin Restaurant in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, WA

Interestingly enough, in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, nestled adjacent to the Alpine Hills of northcentral Washington State, one can find dining choices besides what is normallySouth Latin-Style Restaurant considered Bavaria, or German, faire. In fact, one of the finest restaurants around is an excellent Latin-syle eatery, which also offers Vegan choices, and excellent ones.

South, billed as offering “Fresh, Modern, Latin Food and Drink”, offers dishes in a variety of cuisines, including Cuban, Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and more, and features a Fresh Salsa bar, with a variety of types of salsas, with varying heat levels.

Many Mexican restaurants and restaurants that offer other Latin cuisines can prepare a Vegan dish, usually based on grilled vegetables, and little more. It’s been my overriding experience that among the two staples of Latin cuisine side dishes, rice and beans, the vast majority of such restaurants use chicken stock in their rice, and in most of their bean dishes as well. Thus, rice is usually unavailable to a Vegan in a Latin restaurant, and the usual situation is that beans are available, but that their only method of Vegan preparation produces a totally bland, unflavored and generally uneatable result. Continue reading

München Haus in Leavenworth, Washington

In the Bavarian-style Village of Leavenworth, nestled adjacent to the Alpine Hills of northcentral Washington State, one can, surprisingly, find vegan options that are so good to merit a trip to this quaint village, even despite the icy, snowy conditions of the mountain roads leading to the village, and its own 14º temperature that I faced this past week. Populated by small hotels,Map of Seattle to Leavenworth, WArestaurants, bars and beer gardens and a plethora of touristy shops, primarily dedicated to the Bavarian culture, one can also find shops dedicated to selling olive oil and vinegar, soaps, taffy, fudge, tea or cheese, as well as those offering locally crafted beers and wine tasting rooms. And they even have restaurants featuring other ethnic cuisines, but more on that note in my next post.

I first traveled to Leavenworth about four or five years ago, and my fondest memory from that trip was lunch at an establishment named the München Haus, billed as a “Bavarian Grill and Beer Garden. Continue reading

The “Is it Vegan” Smartphone App

A company called “Is it Vegan” has produced a nifty Smartphone app that, as per their representations, tells the user wither a food item is or is not vegan. They describe it as “A mobile tool for anyone interested in eliminating animal products from their diet.”

And, it’s FREE!

Its basic use is as a UPC reader – point your Smartphone camera at a product’s UPC code and their software will immediately analyze the product’s ingredients. They say they can find all the product’s ingredients and analyze it all and most important of all, UNDERSTAND it all. Their reference is “We know that ergocalciferol and xylitol are vegan but carminic acid is not.”

Besides getting that quick answer as to yes or no vegan, an analysis of the product’s ingredients is also provided.

Use the instant scan while browsing supermarket isles, to check some old packages you’re unsure of, or even in a friend’s kitchen pantry. Continue reading

Create Your Own Vegan Taste Trunk

Disclosure: We at have received no free products from Taste Trunk and and have not been solicited to review their products. In fact, we have not personally tried any of their products and are herein below making no specific representations that we have or that any specific item has any special qualities other than generalizations made from product names and descriptions. However, should any visitor to click on one of the Taste Trunk links below and make an online purchase, would then receive a small commission based on a percentage of the sales price of the purchase.

From a company called Taste Trunk, comes a great vegan option for a variety of vegan snacks, condiments, soups, teas, and more .

Taste Trunk is an on-line company that gift-packages hard-to-find gourmet brands into beautiful vintage trunks and delivers them direct to the recipient. They have a nice array of pre-made


“Trunks” in a variety of categories, such as BBQ, Chocolate, Gifts for Her, Gifts For Him, Gourmet, Healthy, and more, but they also let customers, including gift-givers, design their own “Trunks”, choosing form various categories including “Vegan”. Continue reading