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It’s been a long time since this blog was active, but it’s now time to get back to it, with a lot of new information for vegans. Besides recipes, vegan food sources, restaurants and the like, I hope to also bring a lot of nutritional and health information to the blog as well, along with a bit of socially relevant and scientific information that can contribute to the lives of those of us who choose to be vegan.

I cannot possibly even try to catch up for the missed time, but rather will start anew, and occasionally refer to past omissions.

As I contemplate my first real new post in so long, why don’t you take a look around the all-new, my first website, originally active in late 2001, and on which I just completed a four-month total rebuild, with a new platform, a totally all-new design, and thousands of new products, from Dinnerware to Tools for the Cook to Kitchen Cutlery and much more, and with an even-increasing archive of Food and Cooking Tips, though designed for everyone, in most cases very relevant and helpful for vegans. There are also both a Holiday Shop and a Gift Shop, for both holiday entertaining and finding the right gift for the friend or relative who loves to cook.

Time to get busy with!