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Spread the Vegan Word with Vegan Personal Checks

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Many people today have only a limited use for personal checks, but there is always a need to have checks available for certain types of payments, certainly when paying bills by mail. But despite the ease of use of debit cards and credit cards, and yes, cash, do not discount the use of personal checks to convey a message, a message that can be important to you to provide to others.

VeganPersonalChecks1.jpgIf you have made the commitment to the vegan diet, then that is something now very important in your life. Certainly, you take the time and effort to explain the vegan diet to others, and to tell them just why it is a part of your life. Make this an easier and more lasting explanation in many instances, through the use of Vegan Personal Checks, that help convey the message of being vegan to others, a message wrapped in attractive graphics that makes a lasting visual impression.

Personal checks that convey a message are an investment in your beliefs, and the cost is a minimal price to pay to make that a lasting impression on others, on other people who may be reminded of the benefits of becoming vegan, for their personal health, for the environment, and for the protection and well being of untold numbers of our animal companions.

Vegan Personal ChecksVegan Personal checksVegan Personal ChecksStart today, by ordering a set of these beautiful personal checks, depicting four colorful images of the vegan lifestyle and of a meat-free, plant-based diet.

Vegan Address LabelsOrder a set of Vegan Personal Checks today. Vegan Personal Checks start at only $12.99 for a box of 125 checks featuring the four designs show here, and they are available as singles or with duplicates. And, Vegan Address Labels are also a great way to convey the vegan message, and their cost starts at barely over 4¢ per label!

Pure, Delicious Hint Water, Vegan and No Chemicals

Disclosure: We at have received no free products from Hint Water and and have not been solicited to review their products. However, should any visitor to click on one of the Hint Water links below and make an online purchase of products from Hint Water, would then receive a small commission based on a percentage of the sales price of the purchase.

About Hint Water

Pure, delicious water, with that Hint of flavor, unquestionably Vegan, and absolutely ZERO sugar, diet sweeteners, preservatives, calories, and 0 GMO – this is pure, natural Hint Water, containing nothing but natural fruit oils and essences. Naturally calorie free and with no additives, Hint is water with JUST that Hint of natural flavor.

Active, healthy people know the importance of keeping hydrated, and there is no better, healthier drink than water. But waters adulterated with chemicals, sugar products or other things that make them sweet, that give them flavor, that add calories, that preserve them for decades, and maybe make them not Vegan, accomplishes little more than one thing – any and all of that make the water unhealthy.

Hint Peach Water

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Support your metabolism, help prevent headaches, improve your energy, keep hydrated, help out your digestion, help the natural flushing of toxins from your body, prevent muscle cramps, support your immune system, and keep feeling well, by drinking pure, natural water, and for that pure natural water, chemical free, with great taste in a wide variety of flavors, it’s Hint Water all the way.

Hint Waters are also gluten-free and Kosher.

Do you want to stop drinking sugary or artificially sweetened soda? Do you just not like what you perceive as the bland taste of plain water? Do you have a health issue, whether it’s diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, or even a pregnancy, that make it unsafe to consume any of those nasty chemicals or calories? Well, you can enjoy the pure, delicious taste you want and need, in a safe and healthy way, with Hint Water. Continue reading

Elements Natural Foods Market in West Covina, CA

FTC Disclaimer – we have no business relationship with Elements Natural Foods market and receive no free products and no renumeration whatsoever from them. The following is an honest review based on facts and nothing more – and specifically free of any monetary interest.

Elements Natural FoodsLast year, while enjoying vegan food but not writing about it, we had open in our community a wonderful new market, small in size but monumental in bringing natural, organic, vegetarian and vegan products to the community. Elements Natural Foods market, located at 2522 E. Workman Ave., West Covina, CA 91791, in the Grove Shopping Plaza across Citrus Avenue from the Eastland regional shopping center, features some well known brands but also the best from local, organic farmers. In addition to their grocery section, they also have the Salad Box, featuring fresh-made Salads, Breakfast and Acai Bowls, and Organic Cold-Pressed Juices, Smoothies and Tonics. Continue reading