München Haus in Leavenworth, Washington

In the Bavarian-style Village of Leavenworth, nestled adjacent to the Alpine Hills of northcentral Washington State, one can, surprisingly, find vegan options that are so good to merit a trip to this quaint village, even despite the icy, snowy conditions of the mountain roads leading to the village, and its own 14º temperature that I faced this past week. Populated by small hotels,Map of Seattle to Leavenworth, WArestaurants, bars and beer gardens and a plethora of touristy shops, primarily dedicated to the Bavarian culture, one can also find shops dedicated to selling olive oil and vinegar, soaps, taffy, fudge, tea or cheese, as well as those offering locally crafted beers and wine tasting rooms. And they even have restaurants featuring other ethnic cuisines, but more on that note in my next post.

I first traveled to Leavenworth about four or five years ago, and my fondest memory from that trip was lunch at an establishment named the München Haus, billed as a “Bavarian Grill and Beer Garden. Their limited menu features little more than only their variety of sausages, hotMünchen Hausdogs and wurst, plus locally brewed beers and area craft brews. But that description hardly does them justice.

Available besides their array of meat-based sausages and the like, is their vegetarian/vegan option, Field Roast smoked apple sage artisan grain sausage that they describe as being “seasoned with a medley of herbs and spices” and “with no artificial preservatives or flavors”. They are worth the trip to Leavenworth! Expertly grilled and served on a delicious bun, their meatless wurst is the best vegan hot dog or sausage that I ever tasted, by far.

Besides choices of sausages and beers, München Haus features two additional items, which are unparalleled:

  • 1) The most savory, delicious, fabulous, tasty, wonderful sauerkraut that I or my fellow München Haus diners have ever tasted. The apple-cider based concoction is contained in a heated barrel keeping it hot and available for all diners to enjoy as much as they desire with their meal, and
  • 2) An array of absolutely wonderful mustards – choose among Amber Ale, Brown Ale, Apricot, Jalapeño, Hot and Spicy Stone Ground, Hot and Sweet Stone Ground, Curry flavored, Smokey Garlic, Onion, Champagne & Honey, and many, many more. Whatever your taste in Mustard, you’ll find in at the München Haus.

München Haus does have a few additional items on their menu, including the likes of Bavarian Cream of Potato Soup, German Potato Salad, but it appears their only other vegan faire areMünchen Haustheir Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup and their Warm Bavarian Pretzels. Besides beer, they also do serve lemonade, tea, soft drinks, coffee, hard cider, wine and a bit more.

Beware, though, if you’re there in the winter, all the seating is outdoors, and despite a few heaters here and there, it is cold out there, so dress warmly, especially if you’ll be sampling their beer selection along with your vegan wurst.

Squeeze on your favorite mustard(s), add onions and relish, and then pile on the sauerkraut, and enjoy ThE BEST vegan sausage you’ll ever find, a mere 135 east of Seattle, WA.

It’s worth the trip!

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