South, a Latin Restaurant in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, WA

Interestingly enough, in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, nestled adjacent to the Alpine Hills of northcentral Washington State, one can find dining choices besides what is normallySouth Latin-Style Restaurant considered Bavaria, or German, faire. In fact, one of the finest restaurants around is an excellent Latin-syle eatery, which also offers Vegan choices, and excellent ones.

South, billed as offering “Fresh, Modern, Latin Food and Drink”, offers dishes in a variety of cuisines, including Cuban, Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and more, and features a Fresh Salsa bar, with a variety of types of salsas, with varying heat levels.

Many Mexican restaurants and restaurants that offer other Latin cuisines can prepare a Vegan dish, usually based on grilled vegetables, and little more. It’s been my overriding experience that among the two staples of Latin cuisine side dishes, rice and beans, the vast majority of such restaurants use chicken stock in their rice, and in most of their bean dishes as well. Thus, rice is usually unavailable to a Vegan in a Latin restaurant, and the usual situation is that beans are available, but that their only method of Vegan preparation produces a totally bland, unflavored and generally uneatable result.

Not so for South, however. Their standard rice side is “green” rice, Vegan, and delicious. And, South Latin Restauranttheir standard bean offering is “Peruvian” beans, also wonderful and also Vegan!

I had their Red Enchilada sans meat, but with, yes, grilled veggies, and the green rice and Peruvian beans, and it was all outstanding. Their homemake flour tortillas were absolutely terrific, and made the enchilada, filled with perfectly cooked veggies and topped with wonderful red sauce, a total hit. Add in the rice and beans, and it was an excellent and tasty Vegan meal.

The menu also features a veggie burrito and a Cuban-style burrito that includes fried banana and more. There also is a vegetarian taco, but I’m not sure how that would translate to a Vegan version, but I’m sure the staff could pull it off.

South also features a wide variety of Tequilas and Latin cocktails, as well as beer, wine, soft drinks, and more, but when I was there it was late, cold and I had already sampled some of the local faire at other establishments, and I chose hot tea as my beverage. However, this was the one part of my meal that failed badly. Their brand of tea, Tazo, was not very good.

Other than the tea, my Vegan meal at South was excellent, and provided a Vegan a rare opportunity to have real, authentic, flavorful Latin style rice and beans, and not a watered-down facsimile of the real thing.

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