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Gardein Chick’N Dijon

Gardein knows how to make a chicken-like substance that you would swear was chicken. You can get it in the basic “Scallopini” form and do with it whatever you want, like I did with my “Meatless Barbequed Chicken with Sauteed Green Beans and Garlic Potatoes”. They also take this same chicken-like stuff and make their own sauces to go with them, such as Mandarin Orange and a Buffalo Wing style. And, they make this one that got mixed reviews in the Hound household, Gardein Chick’N Dijon.

Gardein Chick'N Dijon with Rice

Gardein Chick'N Dijon with Rice

The large chicken-like pieces are apparently the same as in the scallopini, but a little bigger (though only two in a package) and unlike the scallopini, the Dijon does not come frozen, so the cooking time is about five minutes.

So, I fired up the rice cooker, got my pan nice and hot with my safflower oil, and put in the chick’n pieces, and cooked them the recommended two minutes on a side. I would have cooked them longer to get that real sauteed, almost crunchy effect, but my pan was pretty hot and they got fully cooked to my taste in the two minutes. I aded the enclosed dijon sauce, sauteed about 40 seconds, turning the chick’n a couple of times, and served with white rice.

Gardein Chick'N Dijon Package

Gardein Chick'N Dijon Package

The chicken itself came out its usual good, chickeny consistency, and tasted, also as usual, similar to chicken. Now, the sauce. I thought it was a pretty good dijon sauce. I used to love the Chicken Dijon at one of Los Angeles’s venerable old classic restaurants, the Pacific Dinning Car, which was not too far from my old office in downtown LA. I’m not saying one would confuse the two dishes, but Gardein’s version did bring back fond memories of the delicious and expensive PDC entree. Gardein does not put in plump, juicy mushroom slices, as does PDC, and there is no comparing a prepared, in-a-box version with the real thing, but the mustardy flavor and hints of garlic and paprika did make Gardein’s concoction an enjoyable remembrance of real chicken past.

MrsHound, on the other hand, had a different opinion, I am sure partially colored by the fact that I do not think I ever saw her order, or even consume, chicken dijon in the 38 or so years we’ve known each other. She found the sauce too thick and tart. So, be aware of this, should you venture forth and try it yourself.

On the Hound scale, I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Meatless Barbequed Chicken with Sauteed Green Beans and Garlic Potatoes

The most versatile meatless product that I have found is Gardein’s chick’n scallopini. It looks like chicken, it has the consistency of chicken, and yes, it pretty much tastes like chicken on its own, and when you add a sauce, it is the perfect vegan meat substitute.

Gardein scallopini comes frozen, and no defrosting is required. Heat a pan with oil (while in my meat-eating days, I generally used extra virgin olive oil, I have now found that the best taste with such meatless products comes with using safflower oil) and saute on each side for around four to four-and-one-half minutes. The instructions say do not overcook, but I quickly found that you want a well-done, “Saute’d”, almost crusty top and bottom. Then, keeping the pan hot, add your sauce of choice, and saute on both sides for another 20-30 seconds.

On one of my more ambitious nights when I had some time, this is the vegan meal I prepared:

Barbequed Chick'N Scallopini with Sauteed Green Beans and Garlic Red Potatoes

Barbequed Chick'N Scallopini with Sauteed Green Beans and Garlic Red Potatoes

I prepared the scallopini as described, and added barbeque sauce at the end, for a great-tasting meatless barbequed-chicken breast entree.

I also made a side dish of sauteed green beans, using one of my old recipes. I heated olive oil and added crushed garlic. Then I added sliced mushrooms and seasoned with cayenne pepper. After sauteing for a couple of minutes, I added cut, fresh green beans. I prefer French cut, but MrsHound does not like the French cut, so I cut whole beans into three inch pieces. The dish then sauteed on high heat for about five minutes.

Finally, I made one of my favorite potato dishes, garlic red potatoes. I steamed red potatoes, let them cool, then peeled and diced them. and put them in a bowl adding crushed garlic, ground black pepper, a dash of salt, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh chopped parsley.

All these items came out perfect, and this was one of our best home-cooked vegan meals since our conversion. Considering the time and effort needed for this one, and the result, I’d have to give this a 9 of 10 on the Hound scale.