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Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza from Lazy Dog Cafe

The Lazy Dog Cafe opened up near us about a year ago, and we enjoyed many of their meals for carnivores, not to mention their fine beverage selection. I especially like their microbrew, Lazy Dog Red, but I digress.

Lazy Dog Flatbread Mediterranean Pizza

Lazy Dog Flatbread Mediterranean Pizza

When we first returned there after our conversion, we basically went with some of their vegetarian-type selections, such as their stir fry with tofu. Unfortunately, they do not do tofu well. It seems they buy semi-firm tofu in squares, and when they do their stir fry, it gets semi-crispy on the outside, and stays mushy inside. Not good. I’ve also tried the cucumber salad, but the dressing is way too light on the vinegar.

But then the last time there, I looked more carefully at the menu, and found some items that can easily be done vegan. My choice was their Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza, that is a thin crusted “flatbread” made into a pizza. It comes with a really good array of veggies, and cheese. The staff was more than accommodating, and prepared mine with no cheese, but with their excellent marinara sauce instead.

The result was an excellent dish that I am sure to order again.

On the Hound scale of 1 to 10, a 7.5.

Dawg lovers, besides their indoor seating, Lazy Dog Cafes also feature outdoor patios where your dawg may accompany you as you dine.

And Pizza lovers, take a look at this.