The “Is it Vegan” Smartphone App

A company called “Is it Vegan” has produced a nifty Smartphone app that, as per their representations, tells the user wither a food item is or is not vegan. They describe it as “A mobile tool for anyone interested in eliminating animal products from their diet.”

And, it’s FREE!

Its basic use is as a UPC reader – point your Smartphone camera at a product’s UPC code and their software will immediately analyze the product’s ingredients. They say they can find all the product’s ingredients and analyze it all and most important of all, UNDERSTAND it all. Their reference is “We know that ergocalciferol and xylitol are vegan but carminic acid is not.”

Besides getting that quick answer as to yes or no vegan, an analysis of the product’s ingredients is also provided.

Use the instant scan while browsing supermarket isles, to check some old packages you’re unsure of, or even in a friend’s kitchen pantry.

“Is it Vegan” also can be used as a search device – you can look up products by name or ingredients by name.

Search for a Product
Search for an Ingredient

And, once you have your results, either through scanning or searching, you can use the keypad to directly post your findings on social media.

It’s a nifty little app, and it can be really helpful, especially in groceries, and in those unknown kitchens where you do not know what you may be served.

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