Vegan “McRib” Sandwich

In the old days – Pre June 10, 2012 – I would have a McRib or two per year, and usually enjoyed them, thought I was never a big fan of McDonald’s. Any more than a couple per year, and the novelty quickly wore off. The idea of a vegan “McRib” was intriguing, and finding Gardein’s slow-cooked, meatless barbeque riblets was all I needed.

Vegan McRib

Vegan McRib

This product is super easy to prepare, just take it out of its baggie and put it in a covered microwave dish and heat for two minutes. I had also purchased some nice, fresh, soft oblong rolls, that were the perfect size. Add a couple of McRib condiments, and voila’, a vegan McRib is born.

This product is truly amazing. Honestly, most meatless products trying to masquerade as beef do not taste like or have the consistency of real beef. Gardein does a great job on both counts, creating a meat-like consistency, and, in most instances, a real meat-like taste. The riblet may be their absolute best job on the taste side. I dare someone, if they did not know, to say this is not meat.

In my newly-veganated mind, this is one of the best vegan dishes I’ve put together, requires no actual cooking, can be made in less than three minutes, and has a great taste. Clearly, an 8.5 of 10 on the Hound scale.

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